Mr Huntington

As Headteacher of Rosebrook Primary School, I am pleased to welcome you to our website. It has been designed to show you as much as we can about our school, our vision and ethos and to explain a little about why it is a special place for the children and families of Roseworth.  Please also check our school Facebook page and Twitter page for events as they happen.


In 2016 the school joined Ad Astra Academy Trust. The trust works closely with the school and shares our hopes and dreams for the children of Rosebrook. All the staff, children, governors and parents are working hard to make Rosebrook the best school in Stockton and to ensure that every child is encouraged to believe that ‘we can be whatever we dream’.


Although we have a strong focus on ensuring each child leaves school well equipped in the basic skills of English and Maths we also believe in developing the full child and provide opportunities to develop excellence in Music (through specialist provision for all children every Monday and working with external music providers to provide instrument tuition in ukuleles and guitar), MFL through a specialist French teacher Monsieur Tinjod who works with every KS2 class each Tuesday, and through the development of an additional elite Sports programme (delivered by a specialist Sports Coach) for those who are gifted in Sport to access a range of diverse sports and hone their skills.  We also encourage each child to work on the 50 things to do before you leave Rosebrook chart.

More recently we have developed the school as a forest school site and all children have access to this during the year.  This has also brought in more community links and we have been working with Sue Antrobus and her team to look at after school, holiday and training opportunities for the community.

The new building has 12 classrooms plus two classrooms for ASD children, looking out onto extensive outdoor play areas, and a Foundation Stage Unit for Nursery and Reception children with its own soft and hard play areas. Children usually start Nursery around their third birthday and start full time school in September before their fifth birthday.


If you need any further information you are welcome to telephone the school or to visit. Rosebrook Primary School is a 420 place primary school with a 39 place nursery. There are two classes in each year group from Reception through to Year 6.

If you have any other questions or require any paper copies of any information contained in the website, please contact our office staff Liz Cass, Nicola Jenkins or Morgan Hynes on 01642 677985.


If you are a parent with a query, you can also contact our Parent Support Advisor Janet Bell on the same number.