What additional facilities does our school have that support children/young people?

The school is an Enhanced Mainstream School for children on the autism spectrum. Unit staff are able to support classes with resources, provision and advise. The school’s visual environment is designed to be ASD friendly and not over stimulating.

Are there any specific curriculum adjustments that are made for children/young people with SEND?

The whole schools approach to teaching and learning encompasses inclusion. All children have access to resources that are used to support children with a range of SEND needs. Class teachers use visual resources to support the learning of all pupils.

Who is responsible for delivering the specific intervention programmes?

In KS1 – teaching assistants are available to support specific children
requiring extra support particularly around phonics.

In Year 6 an additional teacher is available to support teaching and learning and reduce the pupil to teacher ratio.
Class teachers and Teaching assistants will deliver interventions based on need.

What adjustments are made to secure access to activities such as trips and visits, enrichment activities ? And how can parents/carers
contact school to discuss specific adaptations?

All children are included in all activities and adjustments are made by
careful preparation and use of additional support e.g. social stories
and pre-visits.