English Statement

At Rosebrook Primary School, children develop skills and knowledge that will enable them to:

  • communicate effectively and creatively with the world at large;
  • respond critically to a wide range of texts;
  • enjoy and appreciate literature and its rich variety;
  • write effectively for a range of purposes.

Early English skills are developed through the practical, systematic and rigorous teaching of phonics throughout EYFS and into Key Stage 1, predominantly following Letters and Sounds. This underpins the teaching of spelling and reading as children enter and progress through Key Stage 2 and enables them to embrace a rich and new vocabulary.

As children become early readers, they are introduced to our principal reading scheme, Oxford Reading Tree, and read widely on a range of topics and genres, both fiction and non fiction. Where appropriate, opportunities are given for children to broaden their experience at a particular level before becoming free readers where, with some guidance, they are able to choose age and ability appropriate texts from our good quality book collections.

In addition, all pupils are encouraged to choose texts to read for pleasure from our recently updated libraries and they are introduced to specialist book collections such as those from Seven Stories, a particular author during assemblies or through Local Authority led initiatives such as the Stockton Children’s Book of the Year project. Opportunities are given for children to ‘read for pleasure’ in school.

Children begin to write in EYFS, via mark making and letter formation. As they proceed into Key Stage 1, they begin to use the Rosebrook Sentence Types, both oral and written to support their compositions. The Puncutation Face is used to reinforce the importance of punctuation as we write and a coherent and detailed writing policy defines the genres which must be taught.

Underpinning all of this learning, is the objective to develop pupils’ competence in spoken language and listening via a range of well-structured opportunities which promote awareness of purpose and audience.


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