The School Council is made up of two elected representatives from each year group.

We see our School Councillors as holding very responsible positions.

It is their job to:

Attend meetings regularly.
Talk to people they represent and feedback their views to the council.
Make suggestions for change.
Have ideas to share with the council.
Take on a particular task and get things done.

Our School Councillors for the year 2017/18 are

R1 - Lexi R and Corey S
R2 - Mia H and Lucas M
Y1DA - Riley C and Decan M
Y1 - Eadie D and Joshua S
Y2D - Joanie C and Bailey L
Y2MC - Lacey D and Noah M
Y2M - Callie C and Alfie E
Y3A - Gracie D and Leland G
Y3L - Roxanne T and Bobby T
Y4C - Alexandra P and Josh K
Y4W - Lily C and Leon D
Y5M - Summer G and Tyrone K
Y5B - Kacey G and Caleb S
Y6M - Lily M and Hayden O
Y6D - Caitlin S and Alfie D