SEND Information Report

School Core Offer

Rosebrook Primary School aims to meet the needs of every child so that they can achieve their intellectual, spiritual, moral, social and physical potential.
In order to support all children every class has, in addition to the teacher, a teaching assistant. Consequently we are able to provide a range of
intervention programmes including –
Next day intervention
Letters and sounds
Talk for writing
Write away together
Time for talk and support for social and emotional.
High level of differentiated activities

Rosebrook Primary School keeps the “Assess, Plan, Do, Review” cycle at the heart of everything SEND


Provision for children with special educational needs is a matter for the school as a whole.

Children have special educational needs if they have an identified additional need that calls for special educational provision to be made for them.

If you have any questions with regard to SEND or if you feel there is a possibility that your child may require additional support then please feel free to discuss this with your child’s class teacher or the school SENCO Mrs. V. Green.

We respect children as individual learners and inspire pupils to achieve their individual potential.

School will include children and parents/carers in the assessment process and the child’s level of involvement will be appropriate to their age, maturity and
level of understanding.


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Children with SEND will be educated within mainstream classes unless they attend the ASD base.

Your child will work with qualified teachers and teaching assistants.

The school has expertise in working with children on the autism spectrum, with attachment difficulties, social emotional and mental health needs, speech and language and specific learning difficulties.

School ensures that information about a child/ young adult’s SEND or Education Health and Care plan is shared and understood by teachers and all relevant staff who come into contact with that child through transition meetings between classes and schools and regular meetings to discuss support plans.

School will include parents and the child/young person in planning support by having regular meetings to write and review support plans.

School will teach and support children/young people with SEND through inclusion in mainstream classes with differentiation, suitable targets and strategies, targeted interventions, multi-agency approach, additional TA support, play therapy, SALT.

All children are included in all in school and out of school activities and support can be arranged for this.

School plans for transition for children/young people with SEND through Transition guarantee in year 5 additional visits depending on the child's need, transition packages and planned, careful transition between classes.


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Differentiation within classes is possible due to high level of TA support. All classes have a dedicated TA. Whole staff training in SEND is seen as a priority.

Children’s views are sought around their next steps in development and support.
School has close links to a range of additional support services and access can be supported via the CAF process in addition to direct referral.

Parents/carers will be kept informed of engagement in additional provision through contact books, day-to-day discussions in addition to formal meetings.

School encourages parent/carers to become involved in the additional provision through regular meetings and sharing of their knowledge of the child.

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Class teachers, Teaching Assistants, SENCo and PSA will be talking with and keeping in touch with the parent/carer on a regular basis.

We will assess and evaluate the provision we have arranged for your child through target reviews, intervention reviews and tracking progress.

Parents/carers can find additional information through the school website links to our SEND policy, LA Local Offer.


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Governing body

Any arrangements made by the governing body relating to treatment of complaints from parents of SEN pupils concerning the provision made at school can be found in our complaints policy.

How the governing body involves other bodies including Health, Social care, local authority support services and voluntary organisations in meeting the needs of SEN pupils can be found here.

Staff and Contact details

SENCO & Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Vicky Green

School Contact Number: 01642 677985