This week at Rosebrook

This week at Rosebrook…

Tuesday 27th January 2015

Sorry for the delay this week, as I was expecting the website to change over the weekend.  We are about to have a new look and hopefully a simpler navigation process.  It could be that you are already reading this on the new look website.  I can’t wait!

Thanks to all of you who spent time with your child creating wonderful science experiments at home during science week.  Mrs Shotton and myself had real difficulty deciding who the winners were in the science competition.  The next curriculum week is in a couple of weeks time, when it will be local Geography week.  During that week we will once again be inviting you in to share a lesson with your child and discover what Geaoigraphy teaching looks like in your child’s class as well as think of ways that you can continue to support this work at home.

The long awaited reports will be with you this evening.  If you have any concerns please come in and discuss them as soon as possible, so that we can help resolve these.  Otherwise celebrate your child’s successes with them and encourage them to work on any advice given.  I hope that this regular reporting system will allow you to have a clearer picture of your child’s development throughout the year.

Till the weekend, goodbye for now.

Mr Huntington

Friday 16th January 2015

Another great week and another week where the children have impressed me with their overall attitude and committment to do their best.  Hopefully this will be shared when you receive your update of your child’s progress.  These should be coming to you in the early part of next week.  If  you have any questions about any of the information, either have a quick word with the teacher at the end of the day or ask to make an appointment to see them.

Next week is also Science Week in school.  All of the classes have been given an area of science investigation to look at and Mrs Shotton is running a science competition.  Prizes will be given to each class and work will be celebrated at the end of the week.  To complete this in the following week, there is a visit planned from a scientist who is going to spend some time in each class demonstrating the magic of science.

Attendance letters went out last week to those families where attendance has fallen below national expectations.  There was a drop at the end of last year, mainly due to a run of poor health.  Hopefully this term will see a return to the percentages we were acheiving in the summer term.  Remember that attendance is vital to your child’s progress and we appreciate the effort you make to get them in on time and attending 100% of the time whenever possible. We do realise that there are occasions when this is not possible and indeed will always send a child home when they are ill in school.

This weekend I aim to avoid the wind and spend more time than usual indoors.  My wife has ideas about decorating…

Mr Huntington

Friday 9th January 2015

Happy New Year and welcome back to a new term and a new year.  The children in school have settled straight back to work and the number of coughs and colds seem to have subsided for now too.  The school facebook page has been really useful and many of you have said that it is a welcome addition to the website and newsletters.

So as we set resolutions and make new promises to ourselves to do even better this year, I hope that you will be encouraging your children to read and look at books more.  This is not only an invaluable life skill but can be the source of huge pleasure.  Our reading for pleasure groups in KS2 are full to bursting and I am really enjoying the buzz of book talk from the children and seeing the accelerated progress these childen then make.

This week we had a visit to school from Rev Jane and Sam from St. Chad’s.  This is a welcome re-opening of our link with the church.  They also mentioned that on a Tuesday at about 4pm they run a club for anyone interested.  It is already a thriving club and a good opportunity for our children to meet with each other socially somewhere warm on a cold Tuesday evening.

This weekend its off to Clip and Climb with my youngest son and his friends.  Let’s see if I make it to the top and back down!  Have a good weekend whatever you are doing and see you all next week safe and sound.

Friday 5th December

This week was the Friends of Rosebrook Christmas Fayre.  As well as lots of fun and goodies to be won or bought, the fayre raised about £700.  A big thanks to everyone who took part or who came!

We have also launched a new facebook page with regular news updates from the school:

This follows advice from our IT people, that we need an official organisational page and not a personal page, as we have currently.  Using this page, we hope to keep you updated with news and events as regularly as possible.   If you have any suggestions for what to add to it please let us know.

On the page currently our office have updated all of the events leading up to Christmas.  I hope to see many of you at one or several of these events!

All the best

Mr Huntington

Friday 28th November

Today was photograph day.  Trying to ensure that families, swimmers and morning Nursery were through before lunch was a real challenge but, as ever, we did it with thanks to Friends of Rosebrook volunteers, Debbie Casling and Sharon Franks.  Also on hand were Miss Prosser and Mrs Bell.  A huge thanks to all and we look forward to seeing the results in time for the all important Christmas order.

Next week, it will be business as usual most mornings but in the afternoons there will be a splttering of nativity/Christingle rehearsals and carol practice.  With the arrival of our Christmas trees all of the hard work will be made all the more festive by a good dose of festive spirit and lots of ho ho hos.

In addition to those events sent out last week we will also be taking part in the Christmas jumper day for Save the Children.  We will tie our day in with Christmas dinner day.  On Wednesday the 17th December children will be allowed to wear a Christmas jumper or some festive trims to their existing uniform if they bring in a donation towards Save the Children fund.  For myself it’s just a matter of which one to wear.  For now, blindfold the budgie, warn the children and shield your eyes… Christmas tie wearing begins on Monday!

Thursday is one of the highlights of the year when Friends of Rosebrook hold their annual Christmas Craft Fayre.  Come along between 5 and 7pm and stock up on those Christmas goodies.  See you there!

Meanwhile, have a great weekend, as ever.

Mr Huntington

Friday 21st November

Aren’t some spellings tricky?  I always found spelling easy but there are still some that I have to think about.  Grammar too can be confusing.  Last week the office staff challenged me to choose the right version of it’s or its. The question was, “the computer lost —- memory”.  Which one do you think?  If you follow the rule of possession as I did then you might go for it’s (because it belongs to the computer.)  However on this occasion it’s wrong.  You only use it’s when it is short for it is.  Thankfully there are loads of good websites out there to check your spelling and grammar.  The children at school also have free access to “Spellodrome”.  They use the same log in as their “Mathletics” one.  Ask the class teacher if you have lost it.  From 2016 when new testing arrangements begin children in Y2 will be tested formally on their spelling and grammar just as the Y6 children are now, so dust off those old grammar and spelling books you may have kicking around and get practising, if you can.

Friday coming is photo day, so put on clean uniform, make sure their hair is brushed and tell them to wear their best smile.  The photos will be ready just in time for Christmas presents.

Other important dates for your diary:

KS1 nativity performances:

Tuesday 9th December at 9am

Wednesday 10th at 2pm (check timing before the day)

Early Years Christingle service:

Wednesday 10th at 9am

Thursday 11th at 2pm

Christmas dinner:

Wednesday 17th

KS2 carol concert:

Thursday 18th at 2pm

Until then, have a fantastic weekend get that special CD ready for the 1st of December or if you can’t wait, sing-a-long in the kitchen or the car to the latest version of, “Do they know it’s Christmas” or “Mistletoe and Wine”.  Mine’s on!

Mr Huntington

Sunday 16th November

Parent consultations went really well this week and all staff were happy with the partnerships they are developing with home and in getting to know your perspective as well as sharing the school’s.  It was also good to see many of you stopping to speak at the Friends of Rosebrook stand or the stands from Tees Acheive, Foodbank and Eastern Ravens as well as speaking with our E-safety team or just taking a leaflet from them.  If any of you have any ideas of further information or support we could provide on these occasions drop me an email:

or call into school and leave a message with Janet Bell (our Parent Support Adviser) or with one of the office staff.  One of the suggestions made by you is that we install a foodbank collection point in school so that regular donations can be made.  We will look into that, as we have connections with both Billingham and Stockton foodbanks.

Next weeks class assembly is the turn of Year 3.  Last term their assembly was superb, so I hope as many of you as possible will be able to come this week to support your children and the hard work they always put into showing you what they have been learning about.  Knowing Mrs Armstrong and Miss Essex it will no doubt have some great songs, some cryptic clues and be a whole load of fun too!

Book fayre is also in school from Monday, so I hope to see lots of you with your children after school one night during the week.  Reading is such an important life skill and to make reading a pleasurable as well as educational experience is something we all strive for here at Rosebrook.  The reading for pleasure clubs in KS2 have really taken off with Mrs Colmer being the latest convert to the cause.  These clubs happen on a lunchtime and are not compulsory but are proving to be very popular.

As Christmas slowly creeps up on us it won’t be long before we begin hearing the sounds of Christmas carols and tunes in readiness for Christmas concerts and nativity performances.  I will ask the office to print out a preliminary list for you later this week so that you can make any necessary arrangements to attend.

This week is a busy week at school, with visits from the LA, book fayre, a number of meetings and the collection of final orders for those all important Christmas cards and calendars which will hopefully head your way at the end of term.  OK, I promise not to mention Christmas again until at least the 1st of December, (I am a hopeless Christmas fan).

Till next week, stay safe and don’t eat too many mince pies.

Mr Huntington

Friday 7th November

Where has this week gone?  It has flown over here at school and it feels like we have never been away.  The children are bright eyed and bushy tailed as they go around their work happily.  I have been particularly pleased with some of the effort with handwriting.  The children in Y4 have made real improvements to their work and have shown what they are capable of doing.

Attendance last term has risen to 95.9% which is a fantastic result.  Thanks to all of you for making that happen and ensuring that whenever possible your children are in school and on time to start their work.  The class with the highest attendance this week is 2J on 97.6%, so a special congratulations to them.

This week I spent some time in Year 6 teaching Maths and getting to know the abilities of the children in Mr McGuinness’ Maths group.  Needless to say I was very impressed and look forward to wroking with some of them in booster classes which start on Monday.  Many of the teachers and teaching assistants and even the Y6 supply teacher, Mr Thackaray, have given up their time to help out and ensure that our Y6 children get the best support possible in readiness for the all important SAT tests in May.

Next week, as part of film week most of the children will be going to Showcase cinema to see a film.  This will be followed up at school during English lessons and will allow children to understand the significance of film as a text as well as enjoy the experience of seeing something they like on the big screen, with all of their friends.

This weekend, who knows?  My wife usually has some suprise up her sleeve and if she doesn’t my children will make sure my time is not wasted.  Have a good weekend yourselves and see you all back on Monday, (95.9%).


Mr Huntington

Friday 24th October

It has eventually arrived, half term break.  I don’t know if any of you remember but it used to be referred to as potato picking week.  It was the time that farmers would take on casual staff, often children to help in harvesting their potato crop. Thankfully it is all done by machine now and we can all enjoy a much safer half term.

Since Halloween is in the half term break, we had our school Halloween disco this week, where both children and staff had a great evening.  The costumes were spooktacular and the music fiendish.  Most impressively the Rosebrook children were immaculately behaved and a good time was had by all, especialy Mrs Carberry and Mrs Lewis who seem to know all of the dances, (Macrena, Locomotion, Cha Cha Slide…)

During the holiday please remember to spend some time with your child reading, practising times tables and perhaps writing that blog you were going to start last week.  I’m off to Scotland, where I am sure it will be cold, but I shall wrap up well, walk lots, swim in the heated swimming pool (not the freezing loch) and read a new book.  That’s my plan but I’m sure my wife and kids will have other ideas on my time!

Have a great break and see you all bright and breezy on Monday 3rd November!

Mr Huntington

Saturday 18th October

Apologies for the delay, it has been manic!

A huge thanks for the harvest collection this year.  The people who run Foodbank in Billingham, (Alan and Jill) informed me that all donations are weighed and that it was the biggest donation they had ever received!  They split the food donations between themselves and the Stockton foodbank.  I knew you were a generous lot.  I was so proud that it was the Rosebrook community which pulled it off.

Last week was assessment week in school.  Soon all of the children will have found out how much progress they are making and what there next learning targets are.  If you have any questions before parent meetings next half term, please come in and ask the class teacher.

Next week is of course the last week before the October half term and children will only be in for 4 days, as Friday is a PD (teacher training) day.  Teachers will be looking at ways of improving English teaching in the school.  Writing for our children continues to be a major issue.  This can be supported at home through practising phonics and finding lots of reasons to get your child to write.  Lists are good, as are letters, diaries and information posters.  Don’t forget to congratulate them but also give them some pointers for improvement, especially in punctuation.  This seems to cause the biggest loss of marks for many chidren in school.  Together we will make their writing much better.

Menwhile, enjoy the rest of the weekend and see you all next week in school for 4 days.

Mr Huntington


Friday 3rd October 2014

It’s another harvest festival but this time we ae not asking for your fruit and vegetables



unless they come in a tin or are dried.  It seems a shame, but food bank store food so that it can be planned for over a period of time.  Each bag given out contains enough food for three days and is provided


to those people with a voucher provided by people like your GP, citizen’s advice, the school, social services or other community groups. They are intended for families in crisis and provide a moment of respite until they can hopefully get the support they need.  During this next week we have asked children to bring in, if possible, something from the food bank shopping list or similar to it.

During the week we will watch the food mountain grow and on Thursday we will welcome back Norton Baptist Church to receive yoiur donations and deliver them to food bank for us.  I can’t wait to see the huge response I know we will get.

Breakfast club is proving to be very popular and it is wonderful to see so many children attending and having breakfast with us.  There have been issues over supervision of young children close to the road before breakfast club starts.  I would therefore ask that you ensure that your children are supervised until breakfast club opens.  There have been a couple of incidents of young children running into the road and while they have been spoken to about road safety, I would feel better if they were being supervised until such a time as we are able to take over.

The extension to the school continues to progress well and Mr Tate, our caretaker, gives me regular updates of what is happening.  I know that lots of steel supports are now in place and concrete will be put in soon.  I hope that any inconvenience caused to you both in getting into the school from the bottom end or through works noise is minimal and that if there is anything else we can do you would come and let the office know.

Meanwhile, put those fruit and vegetables back in the ground for now and look through your cupboard for that spare tin you still haven’t used and are able to donate to our harvest collection.  I have nothing planned this weekend except to have lots of rest and to recharge my batteries in readiness for a round of TA interviews on Monday.  Have a good weekend!

Mr Huntington


Friday 26th September 2014

This week I have been in discussion with the Children’s University to see if all of the hard work our Y5 and Y6 children do after school can be accredited and built towards a level of acheivement recognised by Teesside University.  Mrs Morgan and Mrs Bell will take up the lead to ensure that all after school events and those at Marrick Priory are of a high enough standard to be approved by the Children’s University.  Museums, and other education venues including Splash, Tees Active and Billingham Forum are already registered.  We hope to be ready for a launch in a couple of weeks, when Y5 and 6 children will be issued with their learning passports and hopefully working towards a graduation ceremony at the end of the year. A separate note will follow later.

Meanwhile in the dinner hall, the new lunch arrangements have been working well.  The choice of food both hot and cold, is still available to all children right up until the last child served.  I don’t know how Mrs McGarvey manages it!  The menus are well balanced and can always be found on the stockton council website where you can also find information about the nutritional content.

So the weekend is here and the weather has made a turn for the better:

  • walk the dogs
  • play in the park with the kids
  • go to the beach for an ice cream

Which shall I do?  Possibly all three!

Mr Huntington


Friday 19th September

What an exciting week.  It was so lovely to see parents taking part in phonics and reading sessions this week as part of the share a lesson sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday.  There has also been an increase in parents volunteering to come in and hear readers or support in the classroom and I would like to thank them for that.  Reading for pleasure at lunchtimes has begun in Year 6.  This week 9 children attended, you could have heard a pin drop in the room and a peaceful and rewarding time was had by all, including Mrs Morgan.  Y5 appear to have caught the bug and Mrs Lewis is set to start Y5’s own version soon.

Food bank also retuirned this week and more families were involved in making cheap and healthy meals, this week was sausage and bean casserole, (at least that’s what it looked like to me).  Food bank have been a great help to our families and we will be sending letters home soon to ask for any donations during harvest (date to be confirmed), to support the work of food bank.  I am sure we will be well supported by many of you.  I have already started looking for spare tins from my kitchen cupboards in preparation for that time.

So as the weekend approaches, I’m off to spend some family time with my extended family (25 of us) and look forward to returning back to school fully refreshed and ready for another exciting week at Rosebrook.  I hope that you all have a good weekend too!

Mr Huntington


Friday 12th September

School is really back in swing.  Everyone knows where they should be and all of the classes are working hard to do the best they can.
Next week class assemblies start and Wednesday 17th will be the turn of Year 1.  I really look forward to seeing how much they have grown and how much they have changed now they are in “the big school”.
The other exciting event next week is reading week.  I hope as many of you as possible spend time reading with your children and doing something a bit different for example reading with someone different, in the garden, to the dog, in a silly voice, talking about your favourite book and why you liked it or sharing a poem by Michael Rosen or Brian Patten.  The list is endless but I hope you can be as imaginative as possible and share with your child the wonder of books.
The building work at the end of school is progressing well and the builders are hoping to start work on the foundations soon.  At this time the site will be very dangerous.  Although it is secured from the rest of school please stop any children you may see trying to enter the site in the evening or weekend when the school is closed.  If you don’t feel able to ask them to stop please contact the police and let the school know as soon as possible.  In this way we will keep all of the children in our community safe at all times.
On a more positive note, I look forward to seeing lots of adults in school next week on Tuesday and Wednesday as we have invited you to share a phonics or reading session with your child in school.  It should be a great opportunity to see what happens and how these subjects are taught in school.
Meanwhile have a safe and enjoyable weekend!

Mr Huntington


Friday 5th September

Welcome to a new school year.

It was so lovely to see a sea of smiling faces with clean and smart uniforms and ready for the challenges and fun of the year ahead. All of the classes have been working hard and many of you have been in to tell me how happy you are to be back.

Children in Reception, Y1 and Y2 now have free school meals and our cook Jane McGarvey has risen to the challenge with a new lunchtime set up and an exciting choice of hot and cols food to eat. For Nursery and KS2 the charge still remains £2.05 a day, which is still great value for money.

The school extension has now begun and the builders have been wonderful with the children, even showing the ASD base children around the site and letting them sit in one of the JCB’s. The work is due to be completed by the end of the year, if all goes according to plan.

Coming up will be reading week and the chance to come into school to share a reading activity with your child, but more detailed information will come out nearer the time. This will be the start of a process whereby you can come into a range of lessons and share the experience and see how we do it.

Once again welcome back and here’s to a new term and lots of great experiences for your child. If you have any questions in the meantime you can email me at school directly on:

Mr Huntington


 Friday 18th July

It’s almost here; I can hear Cliff singing that summer song in the background.  The children have worked hard all year and have enjoyed some welcome warm weather, sports events and an occasional ice cream. 

The Y6 show, “What a Knight” was stunning and is testament to the hard work of the children and staff.  The solo singers were a real treat, such confidence and ability!  Everyone was wonderful and these shows just keep getting better and better.

So next week is the last week (Mon, Tue, Wed).  The trips on Tuesday are all in hand and I look forward to spending time with the KS2 children in Whitby. I know that Mrs Morgan is very excited about Preston Park and Mrs Shotton about the fun planned for Nursery in school.

So we say goodbye to Y6 as they move on to their new schools and also say goodbye to some wonderful colleagues, who have gained promotion in other schools.  We have a great team of teachers and TA’s here at Rosebrook and they are highly sought after from other schools.  We also attract a lot of good people and we look forward to welcoming lots of new faces in September too!

Have a great summer break.  I will be in school for most of it, although I do have one week in Scotland and a few days in London to see my son.  Whatever you do have fun and stay safe.  We start back on Wednesday 3rd September.  See you then!

Mr Huntington
Friday 11th July

What a week! Sports day for Key Sage 1 was cancelled due to our unpredictable weather.  I was so disappointed, as I know how much you and the children all look forward to it. Mrs Morgan has assured me that the children will have a sports day equivalent in the hall just without the possibility of visitors from home.  Key Stage 2 however had a great sports day with help from the team at Northshore and a lot of hard work from Mrs Lewis.

Friday was a time to welcome new parents to the school for our nursery children who will be starting in the autumn term.  There were toys which myself and the children enjoyed playing with but this did mean a little too much noise.  Next year we will have a crèche facility.  It was the first and we have learned from it.

I managed to speak to lots of parents this week both at Foundation Stage open day and whole school open afternoon.  I hope you got the chance to see the children at work and to ask any questions you may have needed to ask.  I know that lots of you had the chance to join in too.  Your children will have really appreciated having you in and giving them the chance to showcase what they have learned.

Next week is Year 6 production week.  The stage is set, the actors know their words and the songs are pitch perfect (I think).  It is also the chance for Foundation Stage to hold their sports day.  I will start praying now for good weather.

Mr Huntington


Friday 4th July

At this time of year, thoughts are beginning to move towards the moves, both big and small, in school. This week and last week lots of the Y6 children have visited their new secondary schools and have returned full of excitement about the next phase in their education; not that we are through with them here yet!  They have also been rehearsing lines for the end of year play as well continuing to slog through the never ending round of curriculum learning.

Y5 have been informed of a residential for them in Y6 at Marrick Priory.  I visited myself on Monday to make sure that it was safe, exciting and value for money.  I can honestly say that I was blown away by the stunning Dales setting and the range of activities they offer.  I will definitely visit them all in October, when they go.

New parents/carers of reception children came into school on Tuesday to have lunch with their children and hear all about the changes involved in moving to full time education.  Next week it is the turn of new Nursery parents/carers.

Children in all years have been told who their new teacher will be and which class they will be moving into.  We will have lots of new faces next year, who are all very excited about starting at our wonderful school.

Sports day season is upon us too, (weather permitting).  Check the last post for dates and times and don’t forget to bring some ice-cream money!

Meanwhile before and after school, the Hairy Santa group are preparing for their summer solstice performance for the children on the last Friday: “Do you want to build a snowman?”

Mr Huntington

Friday 27th June

Summer Fayre is one of the highlights of the school calendar and yet again the event was a huge success.  Apart from the fun and games, it also raises lots of money for school fund.  This money helps us to subsidise the ever increasing cost of coaches for school trips and other treats for the children in school.  Thanks as always for your support, we raised over £1200 on the day!

Reports are out today (Friday) and children will also find out which class they are going into.  Let’s see how many of you guessed right.

Over the coming weeks the summer fun and event calendar really takes shape, so as promised here are some important dates for your diaries:

Monday 30th Speedmark football sponsor event in school

*Tuesday 1st July  Reception Parents meeting and lunch (for new starters)
*Thursday 3rd July Rosebrook’s Got Talent (in school and after school for parents)
*Tuesday 8th July KS1 Sports Day (afternoon)

*Wednesday 9th July KS1 and KS2 open afternoon, parents welcome to visit their child’s class and chat to the teacher, TA and child about their work.
Thursday 10th July  Possible Strike day for NUT and UNISON  more details to come.

*Friday 11th July Meeting for new starters to Nursery

*Friday 11th July KS2 Sports Day  (afternoon)

*Thursday 17th July  Y6 Play at 5pm

Monday 21st July  Meet the new teacher sessions for your child.

Tuesday 22nd July  Trip day  Nursery in school treats, Reception, Y1 and Y2 to Preston Park and Y3,Y4,Y5 and Y6 to Whitby.

Wednesday 23rd July  Leavers assembly (Y6 parents welcome) and Staff V Pupils Rounders match.

Thursday 24th July  First day of the summer holiday!

(* parents welcome to starred events)

As ever we will try to ensure these dates stay the same.  Sports days are always subject to reasonable weather.  Always check website for any news on the day!
Mr Huntington

Friday 20th June

 Two weeks gone.  Last week I was in Birmingham being taught myself so missed out on the weekly update.  School is as busy as ever and children have been coming to me daily with excellent work.  Reports are almost ready and will be with you fairly soon.  If you have any questions following these, please come in and speak to the teacher or TA in the class.
Last week’s international week was a phenomenal success and the parade, I understand was well supported by parents and the local community, so a huge thanks for that.  Book Fayre too was a huge success and helped provide books for you at home as well as books for us to use at school.

On Wednesday it will be the annual summer fayre.  Friends of Rosebrook will no doubt, with your continued support excel themselves again and a good time will be had by all. 
The next few weeks will be very busy, but I will try to ensure that information is given out in good time, so that you can all plan ahead. 

Mr Huntington


Friday 6th June

Welcome back to school after a welcome half term break.  Ice cream Friday was a huge success. More ice cream needed for next week though!
Next week is International Week.  Letters have been sent home and I look forward to the parade around the school area on Thursday and the country displays and especially the international café.  I have already seen Miss Charlton in a Sumo Wrestler outfit, I think she liked it a little too much…
Next week is also Book Fayre week, so come along after school to the KS2 area and have a look at the books on display.  Reading is so important and the only way to get better at reading is through, you’ve guessed it- doing just what you are doing now-Reading!  As always we thank you in advance for your support.
This weekend, I plan to read through a huge pile of your children’s reports.  I really look forward to reading about how well they are doing.
Attendance at school is on the up.  I am delighted that we are now at 95% and that each half term children get the chance to win a tablet computer as well as shopping vouchers to celebrate their good attendance.  Keep it up!
Mr Huntington

Friday 23rd May 
Y1 went looking at sea life and exploring what life is like for our aquatic friends.
Families have been working with foodbank to create tasty recipes on a budget, what’s more they got to eat them too!  All of the recipes have been designed by Jamie Oliver and so far they have smelled delicious.  If any other parents would like to work with their children in school please contact Janet Bell our Parent Support Adviser at school.
As the holidays are approaching, remember to have fun, stay safe and come back ready for work on Tuesday.  (Monday is a PD Day).
The calendar for next year (2014-2015) is already available in the parents area with all PD Days marked!
When we come back, look out for ice cream Friday!
Happy Half Term
Mr Huntington
Food Bank  Food Bank
School is really back in swing.  Everyone knows where they should be and all of the classes are working hard to do the best they can.
Next week class assemblies start and Wednesday 17th will be the turn of Year 1.  I really look forward to seeing how much they have grown and how much they have changed now they are in “the big school”.
The other exciting event next week is reading week.  I hope as many of you as possible spend time reading with your children and doing something a bit different for example reading with someone different, in the garden, to the dog, in a silly voice, talking about your favourite book and why you liked it or sharing a poem by Michael Rosen or Brian Patten.  The list is endless but I hope you can be as imaginative as possible and share with your child the wonder of books.
The building work at the end of school is progressing well and the builders are hoping to start work on the foundations soon.  At this time the site will be very dangerous.  Although it is secured from the rest of school please stop any children you may see trying to enter the site in the evening or weekend when the school is closed.  If you don’t feel able to ask them to stop please contact the police and let the school know as soon as possible.  In this way we will keep all of the children in our community safe at all times.
On a more positive note, I look forward to seeing lots of adults in school next week on Tuesday and Wednesday as we have invited you to share a phonics or reading session with your child in school.  It should be a great opportunity to see what happens and how these subjects are taught in school.
Meanwhile have a safe and enjoyable weekend!

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